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The realest celebration I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats on the win USA.



Hair-stories. New Works From Artist Nakeya B.


I love this we work hard on our hair no matter natural braids weave anything we work hard and it’s creativity so dont mock or shame me

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reason no #23940303 why miles morales makes me happy

Anonymous asked: I'm here to ask you if wearing ANY kind of braid is considered "cultural appropriation" (not just cornrows or dreads and etc). Seriously, I have met people on the internet that think black people are the only ethnicity that invented or ever wore braids and I was like "wtf?!". Thank you.


But Who Will Think of The White People: I


But who will think of the white people?

A Black cast?
With afros in a tizzy
gleaming in robust grease
overly decorated in 
black red and green
dripping a slang too slick
for white speak
in front of tables with
red koolaid and seasoned fried chicken
and greens beans that’s been 
stewed in hamhocks
I  mean how could the white people
plant themselves there
won’t they feel utterly ridiculous
languid and obtuse?

and how will they purchase jeans
and hair care products
and foundations in tan
and who will teach them
how to cry neatly?

Won’t someone think of the white people?
and the constant rattling of Black songs
and stories that don’t sound like them
Who will think of them when 
some full bodied curly haired diva
belts the tumbling notes of an anthem
that doesn’t weep for them
tell me you’ll think of the white people and be soft

who will teach their daughters
to love men they are only waiting for
without an adequate number 
of cartoon movie princesses
or their sons that the world is theirs 
with a black man behind a podium and not bars
how dare we make them a side dish
in a melting pot

This is not the land the forefathers
promised them
Tell them that we understand
28 days of reading the stories of heros
that didn’t rescue them
must be uncomfortable
that we understand 
that no one remembers the soft places
of a villain
we get it

how naked one must feel after being uprooted
from place you knew with your skin
this amount of suffering must be

who will think of the White people when us
Black and Brown folk are laughing
and our mouths are full with rejoice
it must be so cruel
to not be in on the joke

how dare we question
how dare we invade
how dare we ask for an apology
how dare we win
in a race
we were 40 acres and a mule behind
we know
it must be sickening

won’t you think of the White people 
and be kind
kiss their palms and be easy 
their hearts must be so open 



Someone help me understand

Boston Marathon bomber: killed and injured dozens. Captured alive

Unarmed youth: surrenders from an alleged scuffle. Shot and killed.